NewTV on my Old TV

Getting NewTV on my Old TV wasn't that hard: I have a PC with TV out, so I just started the browser, and typed in the URL:

This showed Newteevee on my oldTV, in my living room. But I wanted to make things more complex, in fact, (almost) as complex as I could make them, without buying new stuff. It should at least include both TV's in my house. So I added a DV camera, that filmed the TV:

(Note: the slow shooter is enabled, to make the interference between the 50 Hz tv, and the scanning of the camera less.) Then I connected a SVHS->Tulp converter plug, and a long tulp cable to the camera. The other end of the tulp cable I connected to a RF modulator, that modulates the signal into a PAL signal (that's what we have, here in Europe):

I hooked that up to my TV amplifier, which broadcasts the TV signal in my (small) house. Then it took me all the remotes I had, to setup a new channel to my bedroom TV, to the channel the RF modulator was broadcasting on:

Finally I could receive the channel, as broadcasted, on my bedroom TV. There it was! NewTeeVee on my OLD, bedroom TV:

(sorry for the poor picture quality. My digital camera's battery was empty, so I had to take the pictures with my phone).
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